Intelligence and Artificial Vision Research, Development and Implementation Services

Intelligence and Artificial Vision Research, Development and Implementation Services



We guide our research and development in order to collaborate with innovative ideas that direct your search in the solution of shortcomings or deficiencies in different industrial sectors, we are characterized by commercial versatility, which fluctuates in quote processes designed according to the particular requirement or shareholdings regarding the ideas raised in accordance with the case by the interested party, they are welcome to collaborate jointly with Wildsense Ltda., contact us!

what do we do


We are a research and development company for technological solutions that integrate IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and robotics.

We seek to provide efficient, innovative and adaptable solutions to the needs of our clients, promoting their development and growth, with a focus on long-term relationships.


Investigation and development


Efficient solutions

R & D

In particular, we implement platforms, research and development (R&D) to provide solutions to the problems and requirements raised by our private clients, for the public system and private companies.


We implement network architectures, system architectures and their operating diagrams at a general level.

our vision


Consolidate ourselves as a leading company in the development of knowledge frontier technologies, in the field of integration of the technological areas of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and robotics, and as a relevant agent of change in society and markets at a national level. and international, with a philosophy of open, collaborative innovation with a long-term view.


Integration of the technological areas of IoT


Artificial intelligence


Co-Founding Team


Director by Wildsense

Loreto Delgado Zambrano

Loreto Delgado Zambrano


His expertise has focused on the formulation and implementation of programs and projects related to contributing to communities, in the social and productive environment, always with a view to science, technology, R&D and innovation and entrepreneurship. This strategic view, together with their skills, especially in coordination and project management, will also allow efforts to be focused and the use of resources of all kinds in favor of the objectives set.

Marcos Zúñiga Barraza

Marcos Zúñiga Barraza


Expert in computer vision and artificial intelligence, relevant part of the project objectives. Systems expert, so you can collaborate on the design of the complete solution. He has successfully led various multidisciplinary R&D technology projects.

Octavio Zúñiga Barraza

Octavio Zúñiga Barraza


Expert in business creation, management and direction, ISO 9001 quality auditor, leading entities in the multi-company sector, experience in commercial operations and operational management related to the private and public system. General Director in entities associated with the field of professional training and other industrial sectors.

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